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Perché un'impresa deve prevedere un futuro digitale

Il direttore di McKinsey, Paul Willmott, spiega i motivi per cui un’azienda dovrebbe pianificare il passaggio a una nuova dimensione d’impresa digitale


Sfide e opportunità nel portare a compimento una trasformazione digitale delle organizzazioni. Nel video pubblicato da McKinsey, il direttore della società di consulenza, Paul Willmott, spiega i motivi per cui un’azienda dovrebbe pianificare un passaggio a una nuova dimensione d’impresa digitale. Ecco alcuni passaggi di quanto affermato da Willmott:
  • Companies have always relied on technology to innovate and improve productivity and so on. But over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of technologies such as mobile and social media and big data and that’s creating huge new opportunities—and threats—for most enterprises. 
  • We’re seeing digital used to automate previously manually intensive activities
  • Some firms have created a chief digital officer role. Others are driving the digital agenda from the IT function. But increasingly, we’re seeing that the firms that are really making a difference are doing so because the chief executive is getting personally involved. 
  • We’re seeing that in order to compete effectively, businesses need digital skills not just in marketing and in sales but, increasingly, in operations and across the whole value chain 
  • Digital reduced costs by replacing labor-intensive activity with software-supported activity either through full automation or through improving the productivity of individual workers in their jobs.
Pubblicato il: 04/11/2013




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