#LetsTalkIoT - Stranger things – a.k.a. who connects to my network?

IoT devices are everywhere today - whether in the home or on the factory floor. For many devices, security is very low on the priority list (if at all). In this webinar, we will take an exemplary look at an IoT "franchising" ecosystem and examine it from a security perspective. What are the consequences of "convenience features" on security? How can devices be operated securely, despite the tendency to "phone home". And are there perhaps alternatives?

Udo Schneider, IoT Security Evangelist Europe, Trend Micro
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  • Luogo:
  • Data evento:
    2021-11-08 10:00:00
  • Orari:
    Dalle 10 alle 14.45
  • Organizzatore:
    Trend Micro
  • Sito Web:

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